Quadcopter | 1st Flight | 2013

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This Quadcopter has been in the build process for months and today 23rd February 2013 it flew for the very 1st time.
I have to thank Jim Bob (Mr James Roose) for the help at every stage of the build. I owe you some pasties mate!
Also Karl Christ for his magical woodmanship, he whittled the wooden arms with his bear teeth.

The plan is to mount a GoPro 3 that I purchased at the start of this winter and shot creative angles that just can’t be achieved from the ground.
I film Action Sports, Weddings, Promotional videos for Local Businesses.
Some of my clients include Burton Snowboards, SnowZone Avoriaz, Office du Tourism Morzine and Avoriaz and many local businesses.

It sounds like the quad technology is rapidly advancing, GPS hold and Altidude hold will be available within the next 12 months.

PLEASE be aware this Quadcopter is NOT a toy ..!
I have a lot of flying time in the safety of my garden before I film on the mountain or on location.
My training aid is a WL V929 Beetle (Google it!) It cost around €50 including postage.
Buy one now, if you like fun.

Follow this channel if you would like to see my process.
Cheers then …..
Stew Monk | www.reelfunmedia.com

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