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SWILL POSSE – PAPER PLANES from stewart monk on Vimeo.

After winning last years cavern cup video competition in morzine, lucas, tommy, and myself had a lot to live up to (I think our old video is in one of my older posts). Basically you get a week to film and edit a video, with a bib in each shot to prove its not been filmed previously. Having already done a comedy skit last time, we decided a music video was a good idea. So much hard work, but lots of fun….we even made it to annecy for a quick skate at the bowls there.
We came 3rd out of 10 which we were all really stoked with, and came home thoroughly drunk and the proud winners of some pizza and wine at our favourite diner.
Thanks very much to lucas brammall and tommy bowers for my favourite week of the year so far!

Chamonix 2010

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CHAMONIX 2010 from stewart monk on Vimeo.

Back Country Powder Kicker in Chamonix.

Riders …
James Stentiford, Scott McMorris,
Johno Verity & Jamie Nicholls.

Good snow & a break in the weather meant James (UK quiksilver Team Manger) had the chance to chuck 16 year old team rider Jamie Nicholls off his first powder kicker.

Jamie was stoked, Scott had a savage slam but shook it off, Johno nearly landed to flat on the first hit & James went off to check a free ride line for the following days competition.

Dan Millner was taking photos so the keen eyed may see a photo sometime in the future.

Filmed and Editied by myself stewart monk.
Music : thedeadweather
(such a good tune, been itching to use it)