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May 2, 2015 1:46 am Published by

I was lucky enough to film with 2 of the Great British snowboard team members before the Avoriaz Snowzone closed for 2015.

Jamie Trinder + Will Gilmore were killing it after a long season of fun and training.
Thanks Treeline Chalets for supporting the mornings filming and delicious burgers and Alex Eveson for the rad tune!


April 28, 2015 9:07 am Published by

Stach Gathering : Avoriaz 2015

The Stash Gathering is one of the last events of the season that I get to film. The event happens every year in fun spring conditions and the atmosphere is always rad! In fact, the Stash Gathering is a contest without really being a contest, the aim is primarily to gather snowboarders of all ages and all levels for a good session.

The contest program is simple, the riders and judges ride together have fun with friends and Shreddie (the mascot of the park). Not a traditional contest format, the goal is that everyone even the judges have fun and the best riders win stuff!


March 24, 2015 6:55 am Published by

Here is the video I produced for the Cavern 24-7 Film Festival in Morzine, France.
So much fun riding with friends and figuring out what’s possible on a snow skate. I’d always wanted to create a similar video to the ‘Magic Board’ skit from the Girl Skateboard film ‘Yeah Right’. The snow skate worked a treat and added something new to classic idea. Even had the pleasure of working on the music with Caleb Kylande + Alex Crotty. Vive la SnowSkate!
P.S Sorry about the EpicTV advert! They supported the festival by donating €3500 to the winning teams and local charities.

Film & Edit | Stewart Monk |
Additional Filmers | Rohan Anderson | Tommy Bowers | Neil Sharp
Filmed with a Canon 5D MKIII & edited in Final Cut Pro.


January 16, 2015 6:43 am Published by

Boards & Beers & Buds is a short movie of the lives of friends not living the dream but living their daily routines in the French Alps. Captured through the lens of Stewart Monk.
Filmed over a couple years, no plans, no agenda’s, just pure fun, laughs & friends doing what they do and love.

We hope you enjoy & keep an eye open…there is more to see soon.

Massive thanks to everyone involved especially all the Riders, Matu Puig, Alex, Neil & Rowan from Attack Attack shop.

Music | Got this Happy Feeling | Written by – Benny Melendez
Signs | Five Man Electrical Band | Written by Les Emmerson

Film & Edit | Stewart Monk
Additional Filmers | Tommy Bowers | Rohan Anderson | Neil Sharp
Intro Graphic | Alex Crotty
Words: Andy Laird


November 21, 2014 4:25 am Published by

I was kindly sent a Burton splitboard in return for some video work and these are my adventures on the beast over the last few days. We had nearly a meter of snow in Avoriaz and without the lifts open the board has made some of the bigger lines more accessible for my weak legs! Hope to see you all soon in even more snow.

Egg | Fugue in D Minor | Deram
Selassie i Continually | Colour code |
Here comes the music | DJ Spinz
Jim the Barron |