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May 27, 2015 12:25 am Published by

SALLANCHES | SKATE PARK | FRANCE | 2015 from reelfunmedia on Vimeo.

Road trips are a part of normal life when you live in a town/village with no skate park.
Grab some mates, jump in a car and drive to your favorite skate park.
This video is about one of those road trips with a bunch a middle age men!
Music | Colour Code | No Fear |
Camera kit: Canon 5D MKIII | 15mm Fish Eye | GoPro 3 Black | DJI F550


March 24, 2015 6:55 am Published by

Here is the video I produced for the Cavern 24-7 Film Festival in Morzine, France.
So much fun riding with friends and figuring out what’s possible on a snow skate. I’d always wanted to create a similar video to the ‘Magic Board’ skit from the Girl Skateboard film ‘Yeah Right’. The snow skate worked a treat and added something new to classic idea. Even had the pleasure of working on the music with Caleb Kylande + Alex Crotty. Vive la SnowSkate!
P.S Sorry about the EpicTV advert! They supported the festival by donating €3500 to the winning teams and local charities.

Film & Edit | Stewart Monk |
Additional Filmers | Rohan Anderson | Tommy Bowers | Neil Sharp
Filmed with a Canon 5D MKIII & edited in Final Cut Pro.


December 16, 2014 3:02 am Published by


Check out the new website from our friends in Basel Switzerland.
I’m proud to know these guys and have one of my videos featured.
Check out the products and history of this place.
Massive respect to Rohan Anderson, Oli Buergin, Stan YoNei, Dominik Bårlocher and everyone involved.


February 20, 2014 7:58 am Published by

Basel in Switzerland is an amazing place…
In the summer of 2011 the news that the beloved BLACKCROSSBOWL was to be destroyed came true and plans were soon put into place to find a new space to build.
After some intense dealings with permits and raising money the Basel crew, motivated as ever, started digging, laying iron and troweling concrete in the waste land around the port area of Basel.
Overall the construction took sixteen weeks and used about seventy cubic meters of concrete, 400 meters squared of concrete paradise.
“Looking back on the process it seems that designing a skatepark while building it, is the best way to make it original and have a lot of lines that work really well” Oli Bürgen
The name Port Land came from…
A. The project is located in the port of Basel.
B. It’s a tribute to Burnside, the first large scale DIY concrete park.
C. The use of Portland cement for concrete parks.
You can see an article in this months CONFUSIONMAGAZINE |

“The super 8 footage at the end of the video is from Plainpalais Geneva skatepark.
Have fun…” stew.

music | tame impala | alter ego | album | innerspeaker |
camera & edit | stewart monk |