May 27, 2015 12:25 am Published by

SALLANCHES | SKATE PARK | FRANCE | 2015 from reelfunmedia on Vimeo.

Road trips are a part of normal life when you live in a town/village with no skate park.
Grab some mates, jump in a car and drive to your favorite skate park.
This video is about one of those road trips with a bunch a middle age men!
Music | Colour Code | No Fear |
Camera kit: Canon 5D MKIII | 15mm Fish Eye | GoPro 3 Black | DJI F550


May 2, 2015 1:46 am Published by

I was lucky enough to film with 2 of the Great British snowboard team members before the Avoriaz Snowzone closed for 2015.

Jamie Trinder + Will Gilmore were killing it after a long season of fun and training.
Thanks Treeline Chalets for supporting the mornings filming and delicious burgers and Alex Eveson for the rad tune!


April 28, 2015 9:07 am Published by

Stach Gathering : Avoriaz 2015

The Stash Gathering is one of the last events of the season that I get to film. The event happens every year in fun spring conditions and the atmosphere is always rad! In fact, the Stash Gathering is a contest without really being a contest, the aim is primarily to gather snowboarders of all ages and all levels for a good session.

The contest program is simple, the riders and judges ride together have fun with friends and Shreddie (the mascot of the park). Not a traditional contest format, the goal is that everyone even the judges have fun and the best riders win stuff!


April 28, 2015 5:58 am Published by

I got to hang out with Nathan Ball and his band in Avoriaz while the sunset for The Mountain Mavericks Sessions!

I shot the tune Fall Backwards on my own and had to battle the fading light with a 2 camera set up. We initially shot in the old Avoriaz Télécabine which is in the snow park but unfortunately the acoustics didn’t work out!

You should hear the sound of piste bashers in the distance while the light fades, making it a great experience before their gig at L’Aubergade Hotel Morzine.

Visit Nathan’s website to hear more incredible music:
Mountain Mavericks Morzine ski chalets:


April 27, 2015 8:28 am Published by

This live acoustic session was a bit of an experiment as we didn’t know if the acoustics would work or if the lift guys would let us on the new Avoriaz Télécabine.

With a bit of blagging and luck on our side it turned out wobbly but OK. I think the lads from Will and the People would approve of getting a bit wobbly!

You can follow and subscribe the Mountain Mavericks YouTube channel for more live acoustic sessions including new Will And The People music filmed in mountain locations!